Monday, January 13, 2014

Quick Takes Friday... I mean... Monday..

So I had most of this post written and edited on Friday. Then there was a lot of pooping (by my kids, not me), laundry and packing to be done so I could go to my hometown and job shadow at the hospital there. I was just going to delete this post, but I actually spent a lot of time getting it ready, so I'm gonna post anyway! 

Sam is finally, FINALLY starting to eat. About a week before Christmas he started taking teeny tiny little bites and actually chew and swallow them! It's still just tiny bites and it's mostly junk food, but at least he's getting the hang of it. He still will not drink out of any sort of cup. He'd rather dump it out everywhere instead.

Today we have another occupational therapy session. I'm glad he's progressed, but I'm still worried that he isn't getting enough nutrients. But it's a step in the right direction, so I shouldn't be so worried!

UPDATE: His OT session was really crappy... now I'm even more frustrated and confused!

Chocolate donut face!

Last Saturday I took Joe on a mommy-son date. We dressed up, went to see the movie Frozen and then to McDonald's for lunch. The movie was AWESOME. The animation was amazing, the music was fantastic and the moral of the story was just perfect. Any movie that has the line "Love means putting someone elses needs before your own" has my attention. I ran out and bought the soundtrack as soon as I could.

Joe loved the movie and I think he had a good time. I want this to become a tradition. I want to show him what it's like to be a gentleman and how to treat a lady. I've been thinking a lot about how my relationship will develop with Joe. He is growing up so fast and I want us to have an honest and open relationship. There's nothing that bothers me more than lying and hiding stuff, so I hope he feels comfortable coming me to when he wants.

Last Monday was BITTERLY cold. I had a spur of the moment idea to have Joe make a thank you card for the mail man and include some hot chocolate mix and a can of soup. I left it in the mailbox and was hoping he'd come soon for fear the can of soup would freeze and burst or something! He came and knocked on the door and thanked us. I can't imagine having to walk around in sub-zero weather!

We went to Toys R Us to search for a less skank-tastic version of Candy Land for Joe. We had no such luck, but I did browse the preschool work books for Joe. I sat down with him to teach him how to write his letters. I have no idea if he's developmentally ready, but he did an OK job with my help. His favorite letter to write is H. 

This little exercise taught me that I would definitely not make a good home schooling teacher to my kids!

So ever since the 50th anniversary of JFK's assisnation this past November I've been rather facinated with the Kennedy family. I don't really know why. JFK is no saint, but I still am drawn to knowing about this famous family. For Christmas I got two book written by Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent famous for jumping on the back of JFK's convertible as Jackie Kennedy scrambled out after witnessing her husband get shot. The books are all written shedding a very kind light on the Kennedys. I know they were not a perfect family, but these books really made the Kennedy family more human and personable. I was in tears when I read about John F. Kennedy holding his baby son Patrick as he took his final breaths after being born prematurely.

The other day Ryan was talking about different places we could travel to for a short family vacation. He casually mentioned Dallas, TX. My first thought was Texas Schoolbook Depository! I'm such a nerd, I know...

I was rather disappointed with Downton Abbey's premiere. It was pretty boring in my opinion. I've heard this season is kind of a bummer... and I HATE shows like that! Plus, there are a few characters on there that I CANNOT STAAAAAND... so it will make it even more difficult to get through. Oh well..

I'm in the process of getting my nursing school applications ready... I get so nervous thinking about it! GAH!

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE: The weekend is over...sooo... have a good week!


Hafsa said...

That's such great news about your son starting to eat solids! And the Kennedys intrigue me as well. They almost seemed like American royalty in a way.

Catholic Mutt said...

I love the pics from yours and Joe's date, and I love that you are using such a fun way to start teaching him some important lessons!

Christine said...

What a nice thing to do for your mailman. I never think to do such things.
Joe looks so handsome all decked out in his good clothes. Dates with your children are so special. My older kids are teens, and they still like to go on them.
Glad your youngest is starting to eat. Even with the frustration, it's some progress, right?

Patty said...

We ended up giving Miss Clementine Pediasure. It put some meat onto her bones. I also make her a smoothie most mornings filled with fruit. She'll take that out of her sippy cup. She is two weeks shy of turning two. JUST started taking sips from a cup. I had four kids who reached milestones almost at the same time in their life scale. Not Miss C. The one thing I have learned is that she cannot be compared to the norm but instead, work within her needs. And that means we are STILL trying to get her to eat solids. Very frustrating. Hang in there!

The mailman idea was so sweet but not as much as your "date". Cherished moments!!


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