Saturday, December 14, 2013

7 Quick Takes... SATURDAY!

My final is over! I was taking an online nutrition class this semester and there was a lot of busy work involved. We even had a group project that we had to participate in. I HATE group projects with a firey passion... imagine doing it online. Yuck.

I got an A in the class, which I'm pretty happy about. I have one more pre-req to take and hopefully I do well in that class. If I do, I'll be taking a 4.0 GPA into my application process for nursing school and I think that may help... just a little!

I haven't had a chance to blog or even read any blogs because I've been studying when I can for my final. And I have two knucklehead kiddos that are REALLY starting to become quite the pair of trouble makers. Sam is starting to get into that ornery stage. He's definitely more toddler than baby. He can be quite challenging! But now that he's getting older he and Joe are playing together more, which is awesome. It is so incredibly fun to see them chase each other and laugh and giggle.

Oh, the humanity!

Sam loves the tree!

Joe and Sam went to their first dentist appointment this week! I've been procrastinating on taking Joe in and Sam is getting a really bad build up on his teeth since he's on an all-liquid diet. I mean, his teeth look red neck gross. So I called a pediatric dentist and figured that we'd have to wait a couple of weeks to get in. To my surprise, they had quite a few cancellations for the next day. By the time I got off the phone I had made an appointment for my boys... during the day... during Sam's naptime... and at a time that Ryan would not be able to get off work to help me.

I basically chalked it up to being completely crazy for having done that.

But the appointment actually went well! Joe was very good and only cried when they were cleaning his teeth. He has two very small cavities that will be addressed at our next visit in 6 months. His dentist thinks he'll have to be completley put under since she doesn't think the laughing gas will be strong enough for him. I tend to agree.

Sam was fine unless the hygenist or dentist came near him. There was a lot of screaming, but the hygenist got his teeth clean.

I was very worn out afterward but proud for taking the boys myself. Everyone at the office was awesome so that made the experience a little easier!

He got to snuggle with some friends while they examined his teeth.

Last Friday we went to see Santa. When Joe was about 3 months old he sat on Santa's lap with no problem. When he was 15 months old he screamed bloody murder. Last year he sat on a chair by Santa for a photo opp, but didn't tell him what he wanted for Christmas. This year was the first year that Joe really understood the concept of sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what he wants for Christmas. His list? A Monster's Inc. toy and a tummy stuffer. He recently added paper clips to his list. I don't ask questions anymore.

Of course, Sam screamed. But I was a little dissapointed with this Santa. Maybe he thought Joe was too young, but he didn't even really interact with him. He didn't even really smile in the photo. I figured it was because he had a screaming child on his lap, but another friend of mine took her daughter who is older than Joe to the same Santa. She wasn't screaming but this Santa had the same "Kill me now" look.

Joe really did love Santa, despite the deer in the headlights look.

I don't really remember my experiences with Santa as a little kid. I was never afraid of him, but I don't remember if any were particularly jolly. I guess years of watching Miracle on 34th Street set me up for thinking all Santas were jolly and kind.

Thankfully my quest for a "good" Santa came to an end just a few days later after Mass. Santa was there and he actually took the time to talk to each kid. We didn't subject Sam to the torture again.

Yesterday was Sam's occupational therapy session with his new therapist. I'm not too terribly impressed with her demeanor... but I wasn't with Joe's therapist either, but she got the job done very quickly. I'm really hoping this time around will work... I'm just so worried about Sam not getting enough nutrients.

I'm so in the mood to bake. I don't enjoy cooking meals, but I LOVE to bake. I just don't do it very often since I hate cleaning up. My favorite Christmas cookies are called kringle cookies. We always bake them on Christmas Eve at my mom's house, but I'm thinking I might have to make them a little sooner!

Do any of you watch Homeland? Ryan and I love the show and we're psyched for the finale tomorrow! Brody is totally going to die. I just know it!

Well these are completely random and all over the place. It doesn't help that I'm finishing these up at 12:30 at night! Have a good weekend y'all!

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Hafsa said...

It sucks when the therapist is less than ideal for in home services. Can you request a new one? Hopefully whatever happens, Sam will start eating solids.

I love to bake around this time of year, cinnamon rolls are rising in my refrigerator as I type this. Yum!

Endless Strength said...

Santa at St. Andrew's was THE BEST Santa!!! Dominic sat on his lap for 10 minutes discussing the intricacies of Angry Birds Star Wars and all the games he wants. LOL

Catholic Mutt said...

I'm glad you found a good Santa! You're right, the first one looks a little mean. Or at least like he'd rather be anywhere else. And I love that Joe wants paper clips for Christmas! Pretty easy to make someone's day when that's their list.


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